2011 Munich Rheinland 00

Munich Defeat Rheinland by 4 Points

After a relatively dissapointing start to the season with a loss to Berlin at home and a large scoreboard loss to Rheinland in Köln, the Munich Roos gained some respect after defeating Berlin at the Berlin Olympiastadion. Prior to the Berlin game, Munich needed to win all three remaining games of the season to have any chance of making the Grand Final. The win against Berlin gave Munich some momentum going into the game but it would require an even better effort to defeat Rheinland at Fürstenfeldbruck. Only a win would keep Munich’s goal of making the 2011 AFLG Grand Final alive.

The Vizbaras brothers were late withdrawals for the game however Matt and Adam Ahearn were late inclusions for Munich.
The change rooms were used at Fürstenfeldbruck for the first time and some quick talking from Eddy saved the day, otherwise we would have been evicted before the coach’s pre-game speech!
After a heat wave in Munich all week, the heavens opened up early Saturday morning with consistent rain fallling until the game started at 15.00. A two goal wind advantage was blowing to the club room end of the ground. Rheinland won the toss again and kicked with the wind. I don’t think Munich have won the coin toss all year….
After about two minutes of play, one of the Rheinland on-ballers went down with what looked like a shoulder injury. It took about 25 minutes for the ambulance to arrive and restart the game. Munich continued to practice ball skills to keep themselves warm in the cold and windy conditions. Once the game started again, Munich’s commitment for the ball was encouraging but Rheinland looked more dangerous in the forward line. Luke and Mick were feeding their team mates with inspiring play, but Munich couldn’t score against the wind in the first quarter. Mick was knocked out after about 8 minutes into the first quarter after a high tackle to the head. Quarter time scores: Munich 0.0.0 vs. Rheinland 1.3 9. Although Rheinland were in front on the scoreboard, the intensity from Munich was good enough to sense that Munich had a chance if they could keep the effort up in the second quarter.

Munich had the wind advantage in the second quarter and started to look more dangerous up forward with some good contested marks. Mick returned to the forward line after being KO’d and was straight in the action with some great overhead marks. The mid-field was combining well and using the wind well to feed the forward line. The Ahearn brothers were playing great footy with Adam always looking to kick it to his brother who saluted with two goals for the quarter from solid marks. Half-time scores: Munich 3.3.21 vs. Rheinland 2.4.16

Coach Greg Langley was very active at half time, reminding the team that any concentration loss in the third quarter would be very costly against the wind. The Rheinland ruckman could not finish the game after injuring his knee. Rheinland were able to hit the lead again in the third term with two goals and setting up a thrilling last quarter. Could Munich use the wind advantage in the last quarter and snatch the game from Rheinland and keep their Grand Final chances alive? Three quarter time scores: Munich 3.4.22 vs. Rheinland 4.7.31

Crampmania set in after three quarter time with what seemed like half the team cramping up for most of the quarter. Munich looked more desperate to win and showed more commitment to the ball, peppering the goal posts but just couldn’t kick any goals. After numerous points to Munich, Munich finally marked in front of goal and were just a few points behind Rheinland. the mid-field continued to win the ball in the middle and Martin was able to soccer the ball through a.k.a. Peter Daicos, to put Munich in front again. Munich held on for the next 4 minutes to win the game, but not before Rheinland nearly kicked a goal, but Rob Machers mark on the last line of defence saved the day for Munich.
Munich won the game to keep their Grand Final aspirations intact, but the football gods will decide the fate of Munich’s late Grand Final bid.

Final scores were Munich 5.8.38 to Rheinland 4.10.34

Munich won the boat races at the Augustiner Bierhalle where a good night was had by all.