Munich smash Frankfurt 29.12.186 to 0.0.0

Final game of the 2011 AFLG home and away season in Frankfurt:

Frankfurt 0.0.0 vs. Munich 29.12.186

The Munich Kangaroos travelled up to Frankfurt for the last home and away game of 2011 and needed a big percentage booster to make the AFLG Grand Final. To make the finals, Munich needed Berlin to beat Rheinland, a draw or a big loss by Berlin. Berlin had a percentage of 528.3 vs. Munich’s 226.9 but Greg Langley just wanted the Roos to focus on their own game without worrying about the other deciding result which was to start about one hour after the Munich Roos match.

Training during the week was quieter than normal with less numbers in attendance however the skills session on Thursday night created some confidence that the team going up to Frankfurt could have a good win and play our best footy for the year. Four Munich players withdrew from the game at the last minute, meaning that 15 travelled up to the game including Luke who made his way direct from the Tiesto concert in Berlin!  He actually met the Berlin team at Berlin Hauptbahnhof! The game was played with 12 per side on a field large enough for 18 vs. 18.

Conditions for the game were quite warm, with a temperature of 26 and a relatively high level of humidity. There was a breeze blowing to the Icerink end of the ground  with a 35 degree angle. Munich lost the toss (again) and kicked into the wind (again).

Munich started well with Klaus dominating the ruck and feeding the Munich on-ballers who could set up the forward line. Julien was knocked to the ground early on but managed to get up and kick the Roos first goal shortly after. Josh was having his first game for Munich but soon ran out of puff. A great coaching move from Greg moved Gus to centre-half-forward who instantly hit top form with some good marking and contests around the ball. The Roos played well enough in the first quarter with about 7 goals to 0 but hadn’t hit their straps yet.

The second quarter was a goal-fest for Munich with a goal every 109 seconds for a total of 11 for the quarter. Frankfurt did not score again. Whenever Frankfurt took possession and moved the ball forward, the solid Munich defense quickly
cleared the ball out of the Frankfurt danger zone. The whole team played great footy in the second quarter with no weak links at all. It was a great spectacle to watch and showed just how much Munich had improved this year as the season went on.

The third quarter was a point-fest for Munich with Munich kicking about the first 6 points before they could manage a goal. Was it the wind, was it Frankfurt’s tactic of stacking the backline or just inaccurate kicking? The number of points was a concern as Munich really needed to kick a large score to boost their percentage.

Munich kept the pressure up in the final quarter and extended their lead with better kicking  for goal. Frankfurt did not manage to score again in the last quarter which was critical to boost Munich’s percentage.

Munich had to wait about an hour for the result of the Rheinland vs. Berlin game to see if Rheinland could beat Berlin by enough to get Munich into the Grand Final. Some quick calculations by Brett estimated that Rheinland had to beat Berlin by about 120 to 20. Scores at the half time break for Rheinland were 60 to 8. This was all a bit frustrating as there was no commentary of the game and it was hard to keep updated with the scores. The agony of the wait!! Rheinland finished the game with a win 108 to 21 which was not quite enough for Munich to make the 2011 AFLG Grand Final. About 15 points more for Rheinland would have been enough for Munich to make the final again. The first time in AFLG history that Munich are not in the final. It’s a pitty since Munich really finished the season off well, beating both Grand Final contendors in their last 2 games. It will be hard for Munich to watch the Grand Final for the first time from the sidelines, but they should learn that consistency for the whole season is required to get there, not just a final surge at the end of the year.

Training continues this week thursday at 18.00h at the Hirschgarten, next to the big hill. Tuesday training will not be conducted this week 13/09/2011, but there will be training next week tuesday (20th) and thursday (22nd). Munich play Stuttgart for third place on Saturday the 24th of September. The Schwabing Saints play the Sendling Blues for the Bayern League Grand Final on a date to be determined (possibly on Sunday, the 2nd of October with an after match function at the Oktoberfest).

Crowd: 11

Best Players Munich: The whole Munich Kangaroos team